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Statement:Should student’s textbook be replaced by notebook computer?

November 4, 2011 by arroyojasmine · No Comments · Uncategorized

Wouldn’t it be better to carry a notebook than a textbook? .Well I think that the notebook are way better than textbook.I think that’s better for so many reasons.It would be easier for the teachers and student’s.The teacher won’t carry so many papers anymore, they would do everything from there notebook.It’s portable and beneficial for both of us.

If we take are textbook to school everyday, it would be much easier.If we still use the textbooks student’s won’t take them to school.They would always forget there textbooks everytime they have that class.A lot of the student’s would losse there books.They would have them all tagged up the end of the year.What I was talking about how it would be if we still keep are textbooks.

How would it be if we use notebooks in school?It would  be better instead of carrying are books everyday we have that class.Student’s will take care of the notebooks better than the textbook.They would have to sign a paper like a contract like saying that there going to be resposble for there notebooks and all the  damages they do to them.They would take care of them if they sign that contract.They would take care of them way better than the notebooks because they  would pay more for the notebooks than the textbooks.They won’t wanna pay so much they rather take care of it.I was talking about how would it be if we do a contract for the notebooks.

Student’s would actually  do there work on there notebooks instead of  textbooks.I believe yes cause they are going to wanna use there notebook and do all there work at all times.They won’t make any excues that they don’t have no paper or pen because there going to do everything on the notebook.It would be way better to carry the notebook all day instead of the big heavy textbook.They would finish there work faster to cause there going to be typing instead of writing it.I was just talking about how easier what it be for us.

Notebooks would make the student and teachers life much easier..It would be very easy for the teachers too.It would be easy cause everything we do we could E.mail it to them and it would be very easy for them to grade it.Instead of taking all thoses papers home and still grade them and put them on the computer that would be longer.It would make everybody life easier.These were some reason why i think we should have notebooks.

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